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My brother, My Best Friend


According to definition about identity in Interpreted Literature 4 class, Mr John determines his identity that he is a human, and so am I. Therefore, I also express feelings or emotions through chatting with other people, and especially, I often talk to my best friend, my elder brother. He had been born nine years before I was born, I chose my brother as my best friend with more reasons. First, he, an advisor, taught me to write the first letters in my notebook, read Vietnamese alphabet, plus, subtract, multiply, and divide with small rocks and single and complex numbers when I put my legs in primary school. My brother and I cooked meals for my family, cleaned our house, planted and looked after vegetable and flowers in our garden together because my parents worked in the paddy field in the early morning to late in the evening to earn money to pay our school fee. In addition, he and I also played with balls, joked with water, jumped with plastic ropes and captured fish, snails and craps by jogging through the paddy fields in the afternoon, and I always sat behind him in the old bicycle when we came to school. After that, I could drive our bicycle to secondary school, he studied and worked in a hired room in Binh Dinh, so I only could write letters for him to tell my diary. Third, when I wore a white ao dai (a traditional cloth in Vietnam) to come in high school, I still didn’t stay at our house because he had to build his occupation; therefore, I couldn’t meet him. I only continue writing letter or call him on the phone to share. Sometimes, he bought moon cake, books and teddy bear to send to me. Final, when I chose the university to join in the entrance exam, he advised me with his experiences. I couldn’t forget the scene when I said that, I passed AUW entrance exam, and then he jumped up, ran quickly to announce for my parents and my sister. Now, he is still my best friend, who sits and hears me to tell about my life at AUW, Chittagong, Bangladesh, where I lose 48 hours to lie in train, and sit plane and bus from my home.


A New Brain


A young girl living in poor village with vast paddy field is hard-working to go to school every morning, and after school, she often helps her mother with peeling peach stone, and grounding fish at the village market to earn little money for her family’s finance and personal expenses. Her family works from early morning to the late evening in the paddy field, but they don’t have enough money to pay her tutorial fee, so she doesn’t have any learn more classes outside the school. She only knows the road to go from her home to school, and go back late in the afternoon. Therefore, she doesn’t have a chance to contact to modern life with the most smart technologies such as, computer and Internet. In a day, she picks up some information about a scholarship from her far relative, and then she is quickly to get full scholarship to come to new place, Chittagong, Bangladesh to study at an international university, Asian University for Women (AUW). Thus, she changes her living into a friendly community with many people who come from other countries in Asian with different cultures, customs and habits. In order to live new environment with completely strange people, she opens her mind to study new knowledge, which she didn’t learn before; and a new brain is established for intelligent living in the next time.

A shocked culture when she comes to a new place, Bangladesh is the first experiences in her life. In a community with students from various cultures, there are many students from other countries living together in a room, so she always studies to have proper behaviors with friends in every culture. She studies not only in the past but also at present and in the future, and she has more information and understandings about culture of some countries in Asia to support for her mind. Therefore, her mind opens larger to finish lessons every day. Moreover, she changes all habits in living to be suitable with friends and place to live in different places and other roommates. Especially, in an international university as AUW, she is taught about geography and history with quizzes about names and general comprehension of all countries in the world, a good opportunity for her to expand her knowledge. At the university, she has a clever living with Internet and computer in studying which she didn’t know in a small village, Hoa Tri, in her hometown, Vietnam.

A new method in studying, which she is introduced by her teachers through every class is one of the most important ways to set up her new brain. She doesn’t use Vietnamese at AUW for living and studying as in her hometown in the past, and she studies all things with English, which is difficult for her to listen, speak, read, and write. Therefore, she studies hard to understand by English in her classes and communicate to her friends and teachers. Besides, before she only studied as a parrot with taking notes in all classes under explaining of her teachers, and later she learned carefully with each words and did quizzes like all information, which she remembers. Now, her teachers only introduce for her with outlines for every lesson, and she fills in all outlines by researching on the Internet or reading books. She is free to study what she likes, loves or wants by herself. She almost studies outside classes to fill her mind with information that she didn’t know, and in the classes, the teachers check her improving and efforts to add to new data for the mind. She also studies to have a critical thinking for almost topic in the discussion classes, group workings, workshops and debates with other people in her classes. A new method, self-study, is easier to contact to and learn about new knowledge to update technologies and change thoughts for her mind.

An intelligent living is advantage’s environment to study and add to information to open mind and set up a new brain with awareness. An outdated girl from a remote area in Vietnam changed, is changing and will change the mind with data, which save every day. There are many new things that occur through every second, so she always learns new things to changes her living and mind, and she is me.