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Forgetting Floods


Phu Yen, a small area in central Vietnam, has harsh weather with two seasons, rainy and sunny, and it often has at least one flood per year, some years had two or two more floods. Flood causes hundreds of deaths, damages thousands of houses and destroys crops on the vast paddy fields. My house and neighborhoods’ often live with flood in November every year, so we always hope that next year, there won’t have any floods; otherwise, we would lose house stuff, cattle, and paddy fields. Especially, I was born in the flooded year, and when I was three months old, I lived in the most terrible flood in my village’s history. The year was very awful for my family without clothes to wear and foods to eat because all things were sunk into the flooded water. Moreover, all my family lived on the house roof because flooded water rose near the roof after a heavy rain. I wish I could control floods every year so as to improve people’s livings in my hometown.

Everything occurs with their personal reasons, and floods are, too. The first reason, local people in my hometown are very poor, they earn money for their livings and families by cutting trees in the forest to make firewood or coal to sell in the markets and use to cook foods. Forest is destroyed day by day, it become empty, and then when it rains heavily, water will flow quickly from forest to delta to create flood because forest doesn’t have flora to prevent water flowing. Later, delta will have floods without forecast, so people won’t have more times to move all stuffs to safe places. Second, dams and hydropower were often full before having heavy rain. Therefore, if it continued raining in a week, in order to protect dams and hydropower, managers would open doors to discharge water, and then floods would appear in delta, but there were some announcements from television or radio before. Other reason is super development of industry with hundreds of factories, which prevents flooded water from flowing into ocean, so flooded water will stay in the deltas for a long time to destroy farms. If there weren’t much factories and if local people didn’t cut tree in the forest, our villages wouldn’t suffer floods every year.

If I were a business woman or a governor in my village’s government, I would have plans to reduce floods, and later I would control floods not to happen every year. First, if I were good at Politic, Philosophy and Economic at AUW, I would become a business woman. If I were a business successful woman, I would solve jobless for all local people by creating more jobs at their house or at villages by handmade workings. If they had jobs to do, they wouldn’t have more time to go to the forest to cut trees. And if they had money for their living expenses, they wouldn’t come in forest to make firewood to sell in the market. Therefore, the forest will grow up to absorb rainy water, and delta won’t have huge floods. Second, in my country, there are many dams and hydropower to contain water when raining, but they didn’t have great plans to open and close doors in suitable situations in the rainy season. If I were a manager in the dam or hydropower, I would allow opening doors to store water for dry season at the climax time of rainy season. Especially, I would accept for water to go through paddy field to save famers’ crops when having drought in dry season. Moreover, if I were one of the land planers in my hometown, I would agree to give companies with small lands to build buildings, factories, and highways; otherwise, they would be built in the deserts or hills, or empty places without trees. One of the most important solutions is the method, which can create more jobs for jobless people and protect forests by paying salaries for people planting and taking care in the empty forests. If my solutions are fulfilled in my country, the floods could reduce and stop.  If people in my village didn’t have public activities or plans to protect environment, people as we always would stay with foods every year.

Another flooded season is coming, but we still don’t see any activities from the government; otherwise, we live floods forever from my generation to other generations. I hope I can do all my plans to save local people’s living in my villages in the nearest future. At present, I always wish, wish, wish, hope, hope and hope for a peaceful life without facing floods for all people in my village, and near areas.