What you wish we had gone over this semester?


Before, I know to go on Google.com to find information, but I don’t know exactly what I should do from other sources. In this semester, I know what we should find following my topic. Especially, I know more about choosing courses in the next year when I am an undergraduate student. Through choosing a course, I have more ideas to choose a book what follow my favorite and read with all minds. I think I know more when I read the book which I choose, and then I should write a paper for my research question. When researching, my mind opens to figure out what I didn’t know before. Although I must work hard in the semester to finish the book and research question because it is new for me, I am happier when I know more about the course what I choose. I understand about the method which an undergraduate will have plans and work. I wishes I can free to read which I like because sometime the material of teacher which they give for me can be boring for me to read. Therefore it is difficult for me to open my mind to have more knowledge. I hope I have chance to reading what I didn’t know about the world which is happening around my live.


About thiemle

Welcome to my page! My name is Thiem. I come from Vietnam. I am studying at Asian University for Woman. I really like sharing my thoughts for every people. Therfore, with this page, every people can understand about me a lot. Thanks for your coming to my page!

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