What is Happiness?


In the life, happiness suddenly comes to you; it shows when having nice smiles on your cute face. Happiness is a pleasure feeling when you have everything you desire or unexpected things.

Happiness is when you have a new clothe in the Lunar New Year which are bought by your mother, it is Vietnam’s culture in the Tet days. You are happy when wearing new clothes in the Lunar New Year and happier when you receive lucky money from older people. Then you congratulate a successful year to them.

Happiness is when you receive good marks from short quizzes to important exams. When you have a good mark, you often are confident with your knowledge and skills. Sometimes, after doing exam, you regret about your paper. But when you know your mark, you think you are lucky in the exam, and then you are happy and only want to shout loudly to share with your mother.

Happiness is when you finish homework which is too much to do in the night. You think you can’t complete a lot of homework in this short time. But when you finish them, you feel everything is nice for you, and you have smiles in your lips. You admire yourself and love more your life.

Happiness is when you go to marker to choose the food by yourself and cook the meal for your family in the weekend. More happiness, when your mother says the meal is delicious. After the meal, you like to cook other meals in the next weekend for your family.

Happiness is when you present well in your topic in the first time in your life. You are worried a lot of for your presentation with class. You aren’t confident about your presentation but in that day, you do very well in your working, then it help you more confident in next your presentation to every people. When completing your presentation, you have bright smiles with your friends, and you feel everything in your life is magic.

Happiness is when your face is cute with smiles in your lips and feels wonderful life. The life will have a lot of happiness which help you love your life. When having happiness, you look more beautifully with nice smiles. If the life doesn’t have happiness, everything become too badly, you won’t want to live in the life, so you always try to create happiness for your life.


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