Voted Laws for Women in Vietnam


I am a Vietnam citizen, and now I am over eighteen years old. Therefore, I have right to choose people who will become leaders in my country. The fact is that I don’t know anything about women rights in Vietnam. Before I didn’t recognize necessarily of studying women’s right in Vietnam’s education, but in Vietnam, teachers in the school didn’t teach me about an importance when Vietnamese women are joined in election for the government. In short, what did I learn about women human rights from Vietnam’s education? And the answer is nothing.

In the Reading and Writing class, my teacher teaches us about women human rights, she shows for us to see about importance of voted laws for women. I have more reading homework to increase knowledge about women’s rights in the world, because my school only has female students, Asian University for Women. The school creates an international education for women, where educates for female students where come from twelve countries of the Asia such as, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bhutan, Nepal, Sri Lanka, India, Cambodia, Vietnam, China, Burma and so on. The proposal of my school is to create women leaders in the future for their communities, so we need to know and understand clearly about women human rights in the world and in own country. In the class, I learn lots of about human rights for women, and I have more knowledge about this problem. I understand about fate and responsibilities of women in the society in the past and now. It is very essential to know about women human rights because it helps us to understand about standard living of women in our country which is compared with other countries in the world.

I am serious when I go to online resources to find about voted laws for women in Vietnam, and I can’t search any information on the Internet to complete my timeline for homework in Reading and Writing. I go to to find some information about voted laws for women in Vietnam, but I can’t find anything except the age to join in election of a Vietnam citizen is 18 years old, and the age of an independent candidate in the government is 21 years old. I go to some pages by Vietnamese, and I have a little bit information about Vietnam women in the first time of election. They went to vote in the first time in 1946, and that on. I am angry, maybe before I don’t note about rights of women when they go to vote, so I can don’t study. But now, I really want to know about voted laws for women, but I can’t find anything to study. What will happen to me in the next time when I don’t have any knowledge about women human rights in Vietnam? I am a Vietnam citizen, and what I will introduce and I am proud about women rights in my country.

A day later, my teacher send for us the links where contain voted laws of women in Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka and Vietnam, I feel shame about laws for women in Vietnam before my friends. In the link about voted laws for women in Vietnam, I receive a pdf file with two pages, but it doesn’t relate to the voted laws for women. Other countries have web pages which contain all timeline about vote laws for women. Why does their country have, but my country doesn’t have? This is a big question which I don’t know to answer, after that I ask some my sisters, they are too. My sisters also don’t know more about voted law for women in Vietnam. I think that why doesn’t Vietnam’s government concern to rights of women? I only think about it, but I don’t know who I will ask to answer this question. I, my sisters, and my friends who come from Vietnam are very difficult to study and understand more about women human rights in Vietnam. I want to learn, but I don’t have any true documentaries to study. I feel sad and shame with my friends who come from other countries of Asia about laws for women.

To sum up, I feel very disappointed about the government in my country, Vietnam. I am proud about my country lots where has equalities between women and men in the society. Now, my proudness is decreasing a half in my heart. I don’t know what I know about women human right in my country. If late, there is a person who asks me about women rights in my countries, what I will answer for this question. OMG! I can’t image something which will happen. I hope Vietnam’s government will have web pages where show clearly about women rights for student as me to come in and learn more in the near future.


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