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I am Nora, a wife of a manager in a bank. I am luckier than other people when I have family with my successful husband and two cute children. My husband is a qualified person in the working, and he works all day to night to earn money for my family. He earned a lot of money, and my family had a wonderful journey to Italy for one month. It is the most beautiful time in my lives when moving to Helmer’s household. I am a woman who only stay inside my house, and do unpaid job such as, taking care of children and husband with meals, cleaning house, and going shopping for all family. I am a woman who is true following the expectations of the current society.

In addition to, I don’t have any job outside to go out and work to earn money to support for my family. I only know to use money from my husband, and everything in my family relies on workings of my husband. I want to have a job but my husband doesn’t allow me to go out to work, and he said that, I must take care of children to show the mother’s responsibilities and the wife’s responsibilities in the family. I have little knowledge what I studied in the college, so I really want to go out to work. My live is uncomfortable when I can’t do anything following what I want.

After eight years in responsibilities of a mother with two cute children and a wife, I have a boring live. All day, I only use more time when I free to take care of children and everything in the family is decided by my husband. I am not allowed to talk any opinions about all stuff in my family. Day by day, I am nearly died person with no thoughts, my spirit doesn’t have sense about everything which is happening in the society. My life is a dark cloudy in the sky before the raining, and it is also a dark night which nobody can see it. I think that I died in Helmer’s house with a boring live without exciting working to do.

Moreover, I am a silly woman, so I can’t do anything for my hobbies in my live because I am controlled by my husband through all things. Suddenly, my close friend, Kristine visited me, she is less luck than me, because her husband died, and she has nothing for her lives, no children, no money, and nothing. But her live is better than me, and her live has more freedom. Kristine can do everything what she wants to earn money for her life although it is busy and difficult to earn enough money to support for her live. She has a lot of experiences in family and the society, and she tells and teaches all of them for me. Especially, she teaches me with her experiences which she has from her life, and I understand that, in the life, there are lots of interesting things which is waiting me to do. After that, she helps me to stop my husband’s controlling in my life. I don’t agree something what my husband forbid to do in my family, I against him as I against night.

Although I don’t have agreements from my husband to do outside job, I and Kristine find suitable jobs to do to save my life. When find a good job as a clerk in the office, I begin doing at the first day. After finishing my job, I go back my family to do workings in the house. He still doesn’t allow for me to go out to work, and he also forbids me to do similar acts. I try to find another way to explain for him to understand, but he is too obstinate about his opinion. Then, I must change to stay with Kristine in her hired apartment at a small town which I and she will contribute money to pay for every month. It isn’t good as my house but I feel very comfortable, I like more about my life, I think it is wonderful, I can meet my close friends every weekend and make new friends in my workplace. They share many things with me. In sum up, I really like this place even though sometimes I miss my children lots and think about my husband.

My husband is very tired in the whole day, he is not only work but also do house working to concern on the children. Although he hires a servant, but she can’t stay all day in my house, she must take care of her family. Therefore, servant comes in the morning and goes back her home in the evening. She only does house working such as going to market to buy some food, cooking meals for my husband and soup for my children, cleaning floor, washing dishes and clothes. All workings are over for her, so she can’t do more things to help my husband. Thus, he must get up early with my children to go together to their school. After finishing his job, he also go to their school to bring back them to the house. In the night, he must sing for children to be easier to come in their dreams, and he also must do more jobs in the evening. He feels too tired to do his job and take care of his children when he doesn’t have me to stay nearly him.

After three months, with advices from his friends and his relative, he finds my apartment to ask for me to go back his home. In the first times, I don’t agree with his request although I miss my children lots. I am happy with my lives at a small shop and my friends for talking overnight. After the first time, he often goes to my apartment to advice me, and in the time, he brings my children to meet. Later, I accept to go back with him, but I have some conditions which he must follow me. I find a little equality for my life. Currently, I have lives with more freedom than before although I live with my husband and my children. My husband often helps me to do house work and sometimes, he and I work together. My family has more funnies, mercies and happiness. We often celebrate party in my house with some closed friends and have short trip for my children to play. In sum up, this is a wonderful life with responsibilities of a mother and a wife in the family, and I really like this life.


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Welcome to my page! My name is Thiem. I come from Vietnam. I am studying at Asian University for Woman. I really like sharing my thoughts for every people. Therfore, with this page, every people can understand about me a lot. Thanks for your coming to my page!

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