An Important Decision


About three month ago, I had an important decision for my life. Now, I think my decision is important “turning point” with “all the difference” in my life. After completing at high school, I had two roads to choose to conduct my studying plans in the future, because I passed the entrance exam in two universities. And I was standing at a “fork in the road” because I had two roads to go, but I couldn’t go with two roads.

The similar, I passed two universities, but I couldn’t study at two universities in the same time, I had to choose a good university to studying. The first road, I would study at the university in Vietnam, and another road, I would study in the international university- Asian University for Women (AUW), Chittagong, Bangladesh. I thought about the universities in the night before I slept. I often compared them with together to know which would be suitable for me to continue studying.

With the first road, I could live nearby my home, so I often visited my family when missing my family. But studying conditions was good for me, because I had to paid school fee, but my parents couldn’t afford tuition for me.

In the second road, I would go to Bangladesh, a new place which was completely different with my hometown. It was far my hometown and I couldn’t go back my hometown to visit my family because the flight’s expenses were expensive. I frightened I wouldn’t overcome homesick when I lived far the family, I didn’t have opportunity to taste delicous foods and foods which my mother cooked. So I hesitated to choose AUW, Chittagong, Bangladesh where I would do the next plans. But I thought AUW was so good for me to study, because, if I studied in there, I wouldn’t pay tuitions. Moreover, AUW was international university, I would contact to a new education which is different in my hometown. And the teaching language is English; teachers are from other countries with good English skills. I thought it was a chance for me to improve English skills in the future. Especially, I had new knowledge, experiences and kills for my life in the future.

After two weeks hesitated or stood at a “fork in the road”, I thought carefully and I felt AUW was good; it was suitable for me to study. So I decided to go to AUW, Chittagong, Bangladesh with new plan although I knew that I would have difficulties in my life at AUW which I only knew on the Internet. Until now, I think my decision is right. If two roads are now, I still will choose AUW to go. At present, I see my decision which is “turning point” for my life. My life is changing to adjust with the environment in there. Clearly, my decisions make “all the difference” in my life.


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Welcome to my page! My name is Thiem. I come from Vietnam. I am studying at Asian University for Woman. I really like sharing my thoughts for every people. Therfore, with this page, every people can understand about me a lot. Thanks for your coming to my page!

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