A Terrible Day


Have you ever had a group working in class and outside class? Before, sometimes I have working for group, but now I am studying at AUW, I feel group working is very difficult for me whenever I have.  Because everybody is an ideas, but some people go to the meeting’s place lately, and other people didn’t come because they are busy with suddenly jobs for individual. All members in the group always have reasons to delay or cancel the meeting of the group. In short, the group jobs are very difficult for students, and I think that I need to do more regular in group exercise to reduce worried when having the group working.

I am very sad and worried when the next performance of the group will come nearly in the next week. I don’t know the reason why I am too sad and worried about this problem. I feel tired and a little angry after every time I have a discuss group. I want to do well, but I can’t because I can’t do all things for all people in my group. I really want to help every people who will do with all your power, but she can’t do following what I want to help them. Because this is a working of group, I can’t work hard to finish the whole working. I think I can finish by myself, but I can’t because I also have my friends, they are similar to me, so they also have personal ideas for themselves. This is group work for the performance in the class with a scene in the play. It only act to show emotions on the face from a quote which I choose from a play, and we must explain it that why we choose the scene. The job is very simple, but when it puts in the group, it becomes very difficult for all members to understand and work effective in every meeting.

In addition to, there are about five people for every group, so it is not easy to have a decision with the full agreements of all members. First, about the problem choosing a suitable time and place, I am not a person who decides them. In the morning, although I am very tired, I still get up and come to the place where my group discusses before. The week is very near the final exam and dues of final papers, all people must do hard to finish all things for papers and homework before the classes begin. Therefore, we lack of sleepy because all the week I don’t have much times to sleep because we uses these times for completing homework and assignments. In the place of the meeting, there are only two people, I and my friends, Mary (it is not real name of her), so we discuss about another time today to have a different meeting. After that, I come to my room, and I use my sister’s computer to compose email to send all members in my group. I have a long email with my ideas, what I am going to do in the discussion group’s meeting tonight. In the email, I write that, all people must read context from p.47-50 of the play, A Doll’s House and choose a quote following the personal ideas about this scene. If they have any ideas will reply for me to discuss about changing working, but I don’t receive any email what they reply. Maybe I think they agree with my ideas, and they will agree with my ideas. Briefly, it is not simple to have all members of the group in the certain place on time for a meeting.

Moreover, I can’t speak English fluently for other people to understand clearly my ideas and vice verse, sometimes, I don’t understand what they try to express to me, and it is terrible for me to work in group. In addition to, I don’t have potential to lead every people who will follow my speech and my ideas. Although I don’t know all things for the group working, I have the ideas to help every people to show their ideas in the group to practice the presentation when having audiences. With this problem, I have a plan that every people will choose a quote to explain for all members in the group and after that we will choose a quote what we think it is advantage to present in the class. The meeting tonight begins, but almost people don’t have any quote except me. My friend, Anna, she talks that I misunderstand about homework for discussion group, she argues with me. The whole group will choose one quote to explain in the class, she doesn’t agree with my ideas for group’s working. She seems angry with me. After that, I talk that I agree with her idea about the group’s homework, and I ask her what we should do in this night if we don’t have personal quote. Later, she answers that “She doesn’t know anything, the personal quote is every difficult for her, so she can’t find and explain any quotes in the scene. To sum up, I think that a person can do all things if they have efforts for what they do, but laziness only will have an answer for all questions, “I don’t know.”

The meeting continues cancelling because we can’t discuss if some people doesn’t reading the play and preparing for the group working. Therefore, I said that, I want every people will think about one quote in the night and in the evening tomorrow we will discuss about these quotes and choose one quote. She still doesn’t agree with my ideas, and I debate with her about what we should do if we don’t have any personal quote. I don’t want to arrange for them following my quote because it is only my ideas. If they don’t think about the quote, they can’t explain this quote in the class. I really want to help them, but they can’t understand for my ideas, so I must accept to follow in their ideas that we stop in the time and have another meeting in afternoon tomorrow. Then I ask that what times and how long we have for the group working in the morning because we don’t have more time. Tomorrow, we have TOEFL exam and have a due for final assignment on Sunday, if we don’t have careful plan and work hard, we can’t do well for the next week. I arrange a careful plan to help me and other people in my group, but what I receive is anger and a negative attitude about me. I can accept about the attitude they think about me, but I can’t accept with the lazy attitude in the studying. Thus, I feel sad when I work with my classmate because my thoughts about my friends are changing following negative attitudes.

This is a tired day with worried about performance in the class and problems which I need to solve when I work group. With troubles, I meet today, I think it will be valuable experiences in the future in studying group. Group working always happens with many problems, but I want to practice it more regularly to have more experiences for my live in solving situations when working with many people.


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