A First Trip Coming to AUW


All students at AUW overcame an extremely difficult entrance exam. This exam was the second step which students needed to fulfill before they received a ticket to study at AUW, and so did I. For me, I was from a small area in central Vietnam, but the place celebrated the exam, located at a big city, Ho Chi Minh City in the South. Therefore, I had a journey by train to join in the exam. This was the first time I went to a place where is very far from my home by train alone for twelve hours. The journey was unforgettable with the first experiences, and it brought luck for a young girl.

The unforgettable train brought a young girl from small area, Phu Yen to Ho Chi Minh City to join in the entrance exam of AUW. This train transported goods and passengers for a long road, and it began in the North and ended in the South of Vietnam. Therefore, when I got on the train, there are some people sleeping and going around to buy some foods for the breakfast, and one minute later, all people are ready in their seats. After that, the train whistle shrieked very loudly, which echoed all areas near railroad and the sky, and this is a symbolic for time when journey began. Before, I didn’t look at sunrise in the train, and then this was a good chance for me to look at sunrise through the glasses’ windows of the train. The sunrise rose from the East with a red sky, and my hair is blown slightly by winds in the early morning bringing dewdrops through a small hole of the window that was near my seat. Besides, the fruit gardens and red lands following two sides of the railroad always appeared in front of my eyes, and the gardens had flowers having different colors and butterflies with red, black, yellow and etc as a pictures in world of fairy tale. I not only looked at all things around me but also remember the knowledge about Vietnam’s geography, which I knew from books and lectures of my teachers. Now, it was the best time to review to support for information lacking of before by areas next to railroad, and I could remember forever. This journey brought for me more experiences to support to my knowledge about Vietnam beauties through the country’s length.

I still noticed to the fruit gardens with mangos, rambutans, lychees, mangosteens or durians, and suddenly a radio announced that there was a man passing away in the train carriages next to my train carriages. The radio stopped announcement, the carriages became noisy with a lot of different voices of people who came from different regions in Vietnam. Pictures of the fruit garden temporarily stop and figured out some information about the man from people who sat next to me, and information about the man and his background was discussed in everywhere of the train. Now his body didn’t move, and became whiter and colder, but all people didn’t notice when and why he passed away because they thought that he still slept. All people who sat near him checked his goods and body to find all personal information. I sat alone without moving of my body, and I looked at again the fruit garden. They changed brightly yellow into black red with some butterflies, and I thought the worst things will happen to me in that day. The train didn’t stop a minute for me to discover carefully, and I looked at surround in hopeless. My eyes became exhausted and closed for an uncomfortable sleeping in the train, and my body is colder without blanket. After that, the train carriage I sat was very silent without any voices, and later about thirty minutes, I wake up because the voices echoed more loudly than before with discussions again about news which there was a woman who gave birth on the train in the last carriage. Two people with helps from protectors stopped at Nha Trang Station. A died people and a mother giving in the birth on the train were extraordinary situations in my first train. Thus, I thought that my journey was unlucky with strange situations and I prayed for luck, which would come to me in the exam in the next day.

I stopped at Sai Gon Station to meet my cousin. I told him this story which I knew from my train, he asked me questions quickly, and I didn’t have enough time to answer all his questions. He said that the train with died people would bring more luck, and he hoped I would try to do best for exam tomorrow. The train brought a good chance to study about Vietnam geography and luck for me to pass the entrance exam of AUW, and I received an air ticket to study at AUW. I couldn’t forget this journey because it brought me to other areas to adventure and study new experiences.


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