♥ My Love ♥


In the dark – dark night

Only one in the dark night

I sit

I miss

I think

And I cry

All memories

Come to suddenly

About me and …♥♥♥

I miss him a lots

I only want to come

Sit near him

And talk “My love”.

My love is waiting

I can’t forget him

Too long, I couldn’t talk to him

Too long, I couldn’t hear his voice

And too long, I couldn’t see him

And I only want

Hugggg …♥♥♥

Kisssss …♥♥♥

And I talk

I miss him a lots

Now the place, you are standing?

♥ MY LOVE! ♥ _ my nephews


About thiemle

Welcome to my page! My name is Thiem. I come from Vietnam. I am studying at Asian University for Woman. I really like sharing my thoughts for every people. Therfore, with this page, every people can understand about me a lot. Thanks for your coming to my page!

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