♥ Fall in Love ♥


Love story is always an attractive theme for every people to discuss and tell about. This love story is still developing with their lovable hearts and they always know to keep “fire” (attractive and power love) for their love until now. In a day of the entrance exam to come in university, the boy met the girl, a friend of his niece. He only met her at the first time in a lunch time but after the lunch; he always kept her images in his mind. All day, he thought about her with images of a cute, hardworking, honest and smart girl with long hair as a fairy in the fairy tales. The images did for his heart to become painful and he found ways to make friend with her by the first messages a week later. Her first sweet kiss was “robbed” by the boy; especially they gave warm hugging each other to do warmer for ice of winters. They felt sweet tasty of love every time they sat in the stone chairs at the park and romantic café-shops for dating. Sometimes they shared exciting stories through messages and attached by sweet greetings which demonstrated burned emotions. Love is as a magic which make them to become younger when they touch to love.


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Welcome to my page! My name is Thiem. I come from Vietnam. I am studying at Asian University for Woman. I really like sharing my thoughts for every people. Therfore, with this page, every people can understand about me a lot. Thanks for your coming to my page!

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