I write when….


What will you do when you are happy or sad? For me, every time I am happy, I will start writing my thoughts and emotions at that present, and sadness is too. Papers will be my permanent memories which I will not forget in the future. With writing, I can read again when I like, I free, and I am sad. In short, writing is a suitable way for me to improve writing skill in learning English and share my thoughts and my feelings to other people.

I write when I miss my nephews. I really want to meet them, but I can’t. I will write about the images of my nephews which I think in that time. What I write will be photos of my nephews every time I read again.

I write when I fail the exams. All things in the earth happen with their personal reasons, so I write to explain for myself to understand what I did before and why I failed. I write to persuade my mind to think more about them. Especially, I write to make plans in the next time, and I will encourage myself to work harder.

I write when I have an opportunity to help street children. Although I don’t have much more money, I want to create happiness for other people. After a day, I and my friends share candies for street children in Bangladesh, I think I receive from them very more happily than some candies which I give for them. Every time, I gave something for other people, I will receive again more happiness and funny. What I do creates a wonderful world for me.

I write when I miss my parents. They born me and bring up me to today. I only can’t say “thank you” with them in some sentences. Writing will be better than saying because I can write them in the million papers. Parents did all stuffs for me, but a child of parents can’t reply all for them. Therefore, I only know that writing will express all thoughts and my heart to my parents.

I write when I really want to cry, but I can’t cry. Writing is a close friend who knows everything in my life when I am sad and when I am happy. When I write, it means that I am crying, writing instead of crying, I think writing will be useful more than for me. I cry, other people will look at me in my tears, and I write on paper which is secrets for my life because there is only me to know about what I write.

I write when I want to practice for my handwriting which will become nice and easier for other people to read them.

I write when I study for exam. When preparing for exam, I study and I write summaries which I take from what I learned before. They will be easy for me to understand with graphs and statistics. Writing creates important documentaries for me to keep and review in the next times.

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I write when I smile. In times I smile, and it doesn’t mean that I am fun or happy. For me, when smiling, my tears flow into my heart, it is very painful. My heart is more painful when smiling than when I cry, and writing will be a doctor and medicines that will cure for pains in my heart.

To sum up, everything in my life can’t do for me to cry, but they will do for me to write and understand more about my life. Writing always is a close friend for my life, writing can keep silence when I angry about homework I can’t write. Writing is secrets for my life, I can’t talk, but I must know to write. When I write, my life will become wonderful as story in the world of fairy tale. Writing is times when I think about my life, and I study more experiences for my lives in the future.


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Welcome to my page! My name is Thiem. I come from Vietnam. I am studying at Asian University for Woman. I really like sharing my thoughts for every people. Therfore, with this page, every people can understand about me a lot. Thanks for your coming to my page!

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